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Shaman 2.0

Nowdays everyone can be Nostradamus. This program isbased on the ancient Ukrainian occult knowledge. Itallows to make predictions without any specialtraining. The program has the built-in internet searchengine to seek for interpretations of Shaman's ...

My Personal MessageBox

My Personal MessageBox 1.0

A simple little application that does one thing and does it fairly well. It pops up a message box with user defined messages. You can easily define as many messages as you wish.


Cookie 1.0

Each time Windows is started the user will be presented with a quotation. There are 400 quatations, the quotation that is displayed is randomly chosen each time the program is run. To run the program without restarting your computer go to your 'Start Menu' choose 'Programs' then 'Startup' there will be an icon displayed called cookie, run by clicking this icon.